06 The Trail

Aaron has a story in mind that revolves around the characters of Ethan and Wade. Two men who live their lives isolated, trapped in their own imaginations. When one of them sparks an idea that could lead to adventure, they find their world changed forever. Why does Ethan make his choice? Where will this “Trail” ultimately end? Find out on this episode, of Smirk.

Welcome to Smirk. A podcast that covers society and culture through a storytelling lens. Part creative writing, part discussion, and always interesting. Each week our hosts brings a story to the show, a story they wrote themselves. These stories can cover any topic the host wants to discuss, it can be lighthearted or more serious. No one but the author knows if these tales are truth or fiction, and part of the fun is guessing while you’re listening before the reality is made clear.

We want to hear from you! If you want to share YOUR story, join the conversation by writing in to mystory@smirkpodcast.com, and include your moral, or you can let us guess at it. This is the podcast that looks at truth, fiction, and reality. With a Smirk.


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