06 The Trail

Aaron has a story in mind that revolves around the characters of Ethan and Wade. Two men who live their lives isolated, trapped in their own imaginations. When one of them sparks an idea that could lead to adventure, they find their world changed forever. Why does Ethan make his choice? Where will this “Trail” ultimately end? Find out on this episode, of Smirk.

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04 Fragility

Zack tells a story about a father and son, and how money sometimes matters above all else. But to find out what is the underlying theme of Zack’s tale, Fragility, you will have to join in the ensuing conversation, as it takes more than a few turns before we’re through.

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03 Perceptions

Perceptions? Perceptions of what? Or whom?

On this week’s episode of Smirk, Amanda reveals her short story centered around the characters of Ashley and Jake. This story hopes to unravel your own perceptions, as immediately following we discuss the underlying moral of the story, and it might take you by surprise.

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02 The Fall

As we kick off a new year, winter has already begun its annual barrage of snowfall and freezing temperatures. To cope, Aaron tells a story about a mother, her young son, and how a little winter, can go a long way.

Don’t miss this episode of Smirk, as we dive into a topic as timely as any, but rarely discussed.

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01 Proposal

In our debut episode of Smirk, Zack takes us through his short story Proposal. We can’t cover specifics here. Part of the fun is that the moral of the story is hidden until the story finishes. Neither of the co-hosts listening are aware, fostering a more honest discussion in the episode.

So sit back, enjoy the discussion, and get your brain going; it’s time for Smirk.

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An Introduction To Smirk

Smirk is a podcast centered around creative writing, humor, and spirited discussion. Each episode contains a short story written by one of our authors, and within their tale lies a subject we will then dissect and discuss.

Take a listen to our introduction episode to get an understanding of our show, and then look for new episodes beginning December 25, 2017.

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