03 Perceptions

Perceptions? Perceptions of what? Or whom?

On this week’s episode of Smirk, Amanda reveals her short story centered around the characters of Ashley and Jake. This story hopes to unravel your own perceptions, as immediately following we discuss the underlying moral of the story, and it might take you by surprise.

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Want to read Amanda’s story “Perceptions” in full? Think you can identify the moral or theme for this episode? Read it below, and then take a listen to the podcast.


Ashley is a long time sufferer of panic attacks due to her anxiety, for which she is receiving therapy. Her boyfriend, Jake, has not personally experienced anxiety, but has witnessed Ashley’s panic attacks before. They’ve been together for awhile at this point and have endured a lot in that time.

After Jake comes home from a night out drinking, Jake and Ashley end up in an argument. Ashley expresses her concern regarding how much Jake has been drinking lately, and that she didn’t know where he was or if he was okay. Jake is dismissive and starts yelling at her for even bringing it up and asking questions. Tensions rise and this emotional upset leads Ashley into a panic attack. As shes been instructed before through therapy, she goes to another room, lays down on the floor, and takes deep breaths to relieve herself. Jake approaches her with comments about how she needs to learn how to handle her emotions better, laughs at her, mocking her crying and panic attack; essentially taunting her.

A final tear falls down Ashley’s face at the realization of what her life has become.

Now, listen to the full episode as we dissect Amanda’s story.